Sand Tray Therapy

I use many different types of approaches to therapy, based off of the individual needs of my clients; however, one of the unique methods that I am trained in is Sand Tray Therapy.IMG_5420

What Is Sand Tray Therapy?

Sand Tray TherapistSand Tray is a type of expressive therapy that can be used with all ages.  Most children are excited to jump right in; however, when working with teenagers, young adults, or parents, I often get some funny looks after introducing it.  I find that a common initial reaction is, “I’m too old to play in the sand!”  In my experience, once individuals allow themselves to be open to using sand in therapy, they typically find it fun, unique, and incredibly therapeutic.

Sand Tray and CHILDREN:

  • Allows for children to successfully express their inner thoughts and feelings, especially if they do not yet have the ability to verbalize it.
  • Helps children work through trauma and other internal or external conflicts.

Sand Tray and TEENAGERS:Sand Tray

  • Allows teenagers to express themselves in a less pressured way.
  • Teenagers are able to use their creative abilities and tap into their abstract thoughts.

Sand Tray and ADULTS:

  • Allows adults to explore unconscious and abstract thoughts or feelings that may not be as easily tapped into when using traditional talk therapy.

Sand Tray 2Sand Tray and FAMILIES:

  • ALL family members can participate, regardless of age.
  • It is interactive and provides for less pressure than just talking.
  • The family has the opportunity to see a different side of each member.

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